Queer Arab Voices

There aren’t many queer Arab voices on the internet, let alone the mainstream media. This isn’t a reflection of the lack of queer Arab people in the world, as my experiences have shown. Yet, the media left me craving more representative voices for people like me, who have had experiences I can relate to and … Continue reading Queer Arab Voices

Queer Asylum Seekers: What Is It Like?

Since the 1951 Refugee Act, an international treaty created through the United nations, queer people belong to a ‘persecuted social group’ if they are in danger in their home countries due to their sexuality or gender identity. This means that queer people in oppressive societies can apply for asylum to another country due to their … Continue reading Queer Asylum Seekers: What Is It Like?

Why I’m Not Coming All The Way Out

"The act of coming out is framed as a significant rite of passage in the LGBTQ community. Love, Simon is the latest iteration of the coming out narrative, emphasising its importance. But for some, the consequences can still feel too high a cost." My new post has been published by i-D magazine. Read it here; Why … Continue reading Why I’m Not Coming All The Way Out

Thriving in Chains: Gay Arab Life

How does one live in a country that has oppressive LGBTQ laws? There are many queer people who live in oppressive places for many different reasons. What does that mean for their lives and livelihood? Many queer people have trouble coming to terms with their sexual or gender identities; some don’t understand it, and others … Continue reading Thriving in Chains: Gay Arab Life

Why You Can’t be Girly

One of my biggest fears as a teenager was to be perceived as feminine. It caused me anxiety and paranoia growing up. I had realized my homosexuality at a young age, since I was around 13. I very quickly realized that these attractions were probably not ‘normal’. The way homosexuality was perceived was a big … Continue reading Why You Can’t be Girly

Gay and Arab: Conflicting Identities

I have been put in an awkward position regarding my identities as an Arab and gay person. The intersectionality of my separate identities clashed within me, before moving out into the open. Growing up in Doha, Qatar, the concept of homosexuality existed in Western media and was in conflict with my Muslim upbringing. Associations of … Continue reading Gay and Arab: Conflicting Identities